3c 13 foods to eat daily (“Cancer hates Cabbage”)

Try to eat the following daily – (from a book called Cancer Fighting Foods.)  I have about 10 different vegetables in a smoothie in the morning (try for variety day to day) – I add stevia leaves or monk fruit and lemon or vanilla extract to the smoothie. Top with finely chopped walnuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds and black cumin seeds on top of the smoothie for crunch.  I often buy fresh washed salad greens and put them in bag in freezer to use in smoothies

  1. Brussels Sprouts                                   1/2 c uncooked (1-2 in smoothie)
  2. Broccoli/cabbage/cauliflower       1/2c uncooked(broccoli sprouts)
  3. Garlic                                                             2 cloves
  4. onions/shallots                                       1/2 c uncooked
  5. spinach/watercress/kale                  1/2 c uncooked
  6. fresh ground flax seed                        1/2 c (I grind 1 T flax seed per day and add to my smoothie)
  7. Tomato paste or sundried tom      1 T
  8.  Tumeric                                                       1 T (I take Curcumin)
  9. pepper                                                          1/2 tsp – helps body absorb
  10. blueberries/raspberries/blackberries   1/2 c (I just put a few frozen of these in smoothie- too high carbs)
  11. cranberries                                                   1/2 c (I put a few frozen cranberries in smoothie)
  12. dark chocolate   70-90% cocoa         1.5 oz (“chocozero”) fun! 🙂
  13. red wine (Pinot Noir)                               1 glass or less

I find that I can only eat a few berries and about 1-2T ground flax per day or I have too many carbs – but you might be able to eat more.  I do not eat this many raw onions or garlic, but I cook with onions & garlic