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Last week, at my appointments with my Oncologist and Nephrologist (Sept 22, 2017) my cancer markers were in the normal range, my kidneys were up to 48% function and creatinine was in normal range!  My Nephrologist walked in, shook my hand and said, “Hi miracle lady”.  He had looked over my notes of the last 5 years and said, “do you realize 5 years ago, 26 out of 34 of your kidney filters (glomeruli) were destroyed?  Your kidneys had 76% ‘cortical scaring’- that is permanent damage.  I expected you to be on dialysis  by now – you are my miracle patient”.  I praised God for that – he knows I am a Christian- but he also knows I have found things that help my body fight cancer.  This blog is to share what I have learned and what I do.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and Light Chain Deposition Disease in May 2012.   After a few months of taking Thalidomide, Dex and Velcade, I had a “Bone Marrow Transplant” (Also called a ASCT – Auto Stem Cell Transplant) in November 2012.   With Light Chain Deposition Disease the cancerous blood cells produce light chains which deposit in and scar a persons’ kidneys.  That is what caused the 76% scar tissue in my kidneys.  My beta 2 microglobulins were 8.5 (According to the International Staging System anything over 5.5 is considered stage 3, the worst stage of Multiple Myeloma).

When I was going into the hospital for my “bone marrow transplant”, I asked my transplant coordinator how much time this transplant would give me.  She said she would expect 2-5 years.  After my ASCT my “cancer markers” immediately started up and my oncologist put me on 5-10 mg Revlamid  every other day.

16 months after my ASCT, I felt like my “2-5 years” were flying by and my sister found a book called, “Radical Remission” which said cutting out sugar was important.  I asked my oncologist if avoiding sugar would slow my cancer, he said, “Yes, but it is not just important to avoid eating sugar, it is important to maintain low,  steady blood sugar. Find a good diabetic diet and follow it”.

I thank The Lord for my Oncologist giving me that clue, and that the first book I read was called “Diabetic Diet” by Dr Bernstein. This is a summary of what I learned over the last few years:

Otto Warburg (born 1883), a friend of Albert Einstein, discovered that cancer cells generate too much lactic acid… cancer cells use fermentation for energy (which is not normal). Warburg believed that cancer must be caused by injury to the cells’ metabolism.

Pedersen was born (1939) after powerful microscopes had been developed. He followed up on Warburg’s research and found that the worst cancer cells had the most problems with their mitochondria!  Cancer cells had mitochondria that  were too small, too few or misshapen.  These damaged mitochondria meant that the cancer cells could not produce energy as normal cells do and caused  cancer cells to turn to fermentation for energy – and lactic acid built up.  Warburg’s  defective “metabolism” was caused by defective mitochondria!

Pedersen went on to develop the first PET scans which use “labeled glucose” to see how cancer is growing inside.  Glucose concentrates in cancer cells because cancer cells have 17x as many glucose receptors as normal cells.  They hoard glucose because they have defective mitochondria.

Thomas Seyfried studied the work of Otto Warburg and Pedersen and found that transferring a nucleus from a cancerous cell into a healthy cell did not cause cancer.  But when he transferred the cytoplasm with defective mitochondria into a healthy cell, it became cancerous.  He wrote “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” in 2012.

Seyfried noticed calorie restriction shrank tumors, and found that restricting carbohydrates (restricting blood glucose) shrank tumors.  Since the body produces ketones when carbohydrates are restricted and  Ketones can be used by healthy cells for energy but cannot be used by cancer cells, he recommended a ketogenic diet for cancer patients

When I started this, I thought I might only have a couple of years left but decided I would eat the ketogenic diet –  I started this in March 2014 and to my surprise, my body has gone a long way toward healing itself!  I am writing this to encourage others with cancer to try some of these ideas:

So, this is what I do in the order I discovered these and added them to my lifestyle:

  • I was told to drink roughly 64 oz of water per day
  • I got C-Diff for 5 months when I got out of the hospital and started taking probiotics.  I have taken many kinds, but am currently taking the Sams Club probiotics and Sacchromyces Bouliardii.
  • 3/24/2014 – started a very low carbohydrate diet – I have about 15-20 net carbs per day, 2 oz protein per meal and 3 T coconut oil or MCT oil per day starting April 2014. This is the cornerstone of everything because cancer cells need glucose and glutamine (from meat) which they use as fuel.  It was hard at first and I learned that eating more salt helped the transition.  My cancer numbers came down and I was able to cut back from having Revlamid every other day to once a week.
  • July 2015 I learned I should reduce  MSG – Monosodium Glutamate in all it’s forms (see MSG tab) – this is to reduce the amount of glutamine one of the 2 primary fuels of cancer.
  • July 2015 -Added  Curcumin (Iron scavenger)- roughly 4-6 g per day with an omega 3.  I take 4 of the 1000mg tablets and a couple of 500 mg capsules of Curcumin with bioperine and take a Krill Oil tablet at the same time.  I also started eating about 1/2 tsp black cumin seeds (Nigella Sativa) most days. (I read “Healing Spices”)
  • 2015 -I quit all artificial sweeteners except Stevia and Monk Fruit
  • Sept 2015- (I read “Wahls Protocol”) Started to make a green smoothie (see tabs for “breakfast recipes” & “cancer hates cabbage”) most days .  This is to get more leafy greens which build mitochondria.  Healthy mitochondria can suppress new tumors.
  • March 2016 started taking Sea Cucumber (more information in supplements) to build immune system and as a natural cancer fighter
  • August 2016.  I quit eating breakfast 5 days per week because “Intermittent fasting”  is supposed to lower fasting insulin levels.(I read “Obesity Code”)
  • Dec 2016 Added Wobenzyme (see in supplements)  These are enzymes used in Germany for Multiple Myeloma.
  • Jan 2017 Added AHCC and EGCG – the active ingredient in green tea. Do not take if pregnant because it seems to work by blocking folic acid. (Folate stimulates MM- see supplements) I take on empty stomach with coconut oil.
  • March 2017 Started taking Rice bran Arabinoxylan and Beta Glucan.  I also took “Paw Paw” for several months – the Paw Paw seemed to cause my cancer markers to go up, but also caused my kidneys to continue to improve-  I quit taking it at the end of May after about 3 months.
  • April 2017 I got an Ouraring which tells how many steps are walked and also gives feedback on sleep.  This encourages me to walk more and exercise at a high intensity several times per week.  It also gives feedback about what interferes with sleep – I quit taking some supplements when I saw that they interfered with my sleep.  I am also careful not to go to bed with a full stomach, stay up too late etc.
  • Aug 2017 I got a whole body vibration plate because it is supposed to build muscle and bone more quickly than walking or regular exercises.  I do squats, push ups, crunches, and weights for 10 minutes on it 3-5x per week
  • Sept 2017 I started to filter my water.

In summary:

  1. I eat nothing between dinner and noon the next day – a 16 hour fast 5 days per week. Weekends I have a couple of eggs and ham or bacon and coffee w cream & stevia.
  2. I try to eat 12 -20 net carbs per day (subtract fiber carbs)- no sugar, gluten, packaged foods etc.
  3. I eat – 2 oz meat at lunch and 2 oz at dinner
  4. Healthy fats- olive oil, coconut oil, butter from grass fed cows etc.
  5. I try to take a blood glucose  & ketone reading 3 hours after dinner.   And, I jot that down on my calendar
  6. Eat a lot of vegetables of all types – in fact, I make a smoothie 5 days per week with canned full fat coconut oil, lots of vegetables (recipe in breakfast), fresh ground flax seed, ½ avocado, fermented cod liver oil, monk fruit for sweetener. I take it to work and have it with lunch.
  7. I avoid MSG and other sources of free glutamates.
  8. I do 10 min of squats etc on whole body vibration plate 5 days per week for osteoporosis.
  9. I take AHCC. Beta glucan, MGN-3 & a few other supplements and I take 4.5 g curcumin in the afternoon.

This site includes recipes, exercises, links to studies and  encouragement.  It is intended to be read by cancer patients who are trying to do what they can to work with their oncologist.  I am not a doctor and nothing I say should encourage you to go against your oncologist. You need to have blood tests regularly and follow your doctors orders.  But diet and exercise can accompany and enhance most treatments.

I hope Jesus will bless your efforts and walk with you through this challenge.  Cancer has changed me for the better – I am closer to the Lord and there is much more to life when I focus on the eternal picture.  I have peace knowing that we are all travelers passing through this world – this is not my final home, and I feel Jesus has guided and directed my research, and given me the grace to be able to follow this lifestyle as I have discovered what helps.


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