Arabinoxylan Rice Bran

Biobran (Rice Bran Arabinoxylan) – products of MGN-3 BRN4 or Peakimmune 4 contain this. It is a product derived from rice bran treated with extracts from three mushrooms: shiitake (Lentinus edodes), kawaratake (Coriolus versicolor), and suehirotake (Schizophyllum commune).

  1. It activates the immune system by stimulating NK (natural killers) and DC’s -(Dendritic cells).
  2. There is less recurrence of cancer
  3. higher survival rates with use
  4. improved quality of life
  5. MGN-3/ Biobran has non/ minimal toxicity.
  6. It has been researched 24 years including a 3 year randomized clinical trial.
  7. One test used 25mg/kg (for me that would be roughly 1350mg biobran per day) and resulted in significant decrease in liver cancer
  8.  24 month survival up from 7% without Biobran to 35% with Biobran.

We can use it for 5+ years and it increases natural killer cells.~

10 Patients took 6 g Curcumin and 2 g Ribraxx (biobran) in divided doses.

  • 8 out of 10 patients saw neutrophil count increase (MM patients have increased susceptibility to infections.)

Arabinoxylan Rice Bran modulates immunity in Myeloma patients. 48 MM patients

Arabinoxylan Rice Bran enhances the effects of intervention therapies for the treatment of liver cancer – 3 year clinical trial.

  • lower recurrence of disease (32% recurrence with biobran compared to 47% for control group)
  • higher survival after 2nd year (up to 35% for biobran and just 6.7% for control group)
  • decrease in tumor volume –