4. Good stuff & bad stuff

Be careful of supplements – they can sometimes be working against you – see folate for example.

Possibly BAD STUFF:

a list of stuff I avoid

  • Artificial Sweeteners. James Berenson, who is, among other things, the Medical & Scientific Director as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Oncotherapeutics and the IMBCR, or Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research. Dr. Berenson writes: Myeloma patients ask what to eat and not eat. My #1 tip. Get rid of the artificial sweeteners! When pressed to clarify he said a little stevia in tea a couple of times a day is OK.
  • Asparagusasparagus contain l-asparagine. Eating asparagus may make lymphoma and MM grow faster
  • Carrageenan – a source of free glutamate
  • Folic Acid and folate is vitamin B9  It stimulates MM and the way some chemo drugs work is by binding folate.  EGCG in green tea helps prevent cancer by inhibiting folic acid
  • Gadolinium – sometimes used when have MRI
  • Glucosamine
  • Glutamine or L-glutamine
  • Hyaluronic acid- this is in wrinkle creams!
  • Hair color- it is probably OK to do foil hair color that does not touch ski
  • Iron  stimulates cancer cells.  Curcumin is an iron chelator – it sucks iron out of our blood
  • Melatonin
  • MSG and other sources of free glutamate –  see list under MSG
  • Toxins – pesticides (insect repellent) & herbicides (Round up)
  • Citrates


Here is a list of stuff I’ve tried:  I have put in bold italics the ones I continue to take

  • AHCC from Reishi mushrooms.  I am not sure this is very effective
  • Arabinoxylan Rick Bran- MGN-3,  Peakimmune 4 – I take 1 daily
  • Beta1 3 D glucan – builds immune system I take 2 daily
  • Berberine lowers blood glucose like metformin
  • Black cumin seeds (Nigela Sativa) I put black cumin seeds in my smoothie every day
  • Capsaicin (cayenne pepper)
  • Coconut oil – I take every day to keep ketones up
  • Cod Liver oil (fermented)I take every day1 tsp for Vit D
  • Curcumin, C3 Complex (various clinical trials)with bioperine I take 2-6 g daily Curcumin is an iron chelator – it sucks iron out of the blood
  • EGCG/green tea (clinical trial, MGUS/SMM patients) this blocks folic acid – which is what some chemo drugs do.  I take a supplement every morning on empty stomach with little coconut oil
  • Fish oil, molecular distilled.  I also take 1 tsp fermented cod liver oil for Vit D
  • GABA – 100mg for sleep
  • Garlic
  • Green tea (see EGCG)
  • Inulin- fiber prebiotic I put in smoothie
  • keto os and ketoforce to boost ketones
  • L- Theanine – helps me sleep- I take most days
  • Maitake mushroom extract drops
  • MCT oilevery day
  • Quercetin, no more than 1.5 g.
  • Resveratrol
  • Sea cucumbers/TBL 12 (currently being tested on untreated asymptomatic myeloma folks in two clinical trials in NYC)I take 2 per day but it is very expensive 
  • Wobenzyme N I take every day when first wake up on empty stomach

Now for stuff I still haven’t tried (and may never try…either because it’s too risky/toxic or because I haven’t found a reliable, affordable AND safe source…oh,

  • Betulinic acid
  • Boswellia
  • Butein
  • Cardamonin
  • Ciclopirox olamine (clinical trial, patients with relapsed or refractory hematologic malignancies) and Piroctone olamine (these are both anti-fungal treatments)
  • Cyclopamine (possible eradication of the MM stem cell; BUT too toxic to try, in my opinion)
  • Emodin/turkey rhubarb
  • GLA Gamma Linoleic acid – from borage seed oil
  • Genistein – from soy
  • Guggulsterone
  • Hesperetin
  • Honokiol
  • Kinetin riboside
  • Moringa oleifera
  • Oleanolic acid/olive oil & leaves (an interesting clinical trial is currently testing olive polyphenols on postmenopausal women with decreased bone mineral density)
  • Papain/papaya
  • Pristimerin
  • Saw palmetto/Serenoa repens
  • Scutellaria baicalensis/Chinese skullcap
  • Sesamin
  • Ursolic acid
  • Xanthohumol (from the hop plant…=beer!)
  • Zalypsis