How I did it and what I continue to learn

After my oncologist suggested I go on a diabetes diet, I ordered the book called “Diabetes Diet” by Dr Bernstein. I then read his book,  “Diabetes Solution”.  Dr Bernstein developed type 1 diabetes when he was 12 years old and he is now in his 80’s.  He advocates a very low carb diet to normalize blood glucose levels and has followed that diet himself for over 50 years.  I started his diet, and to motivate myself in the first hard month, I would do internet searches for “sugar and cancer”.  I found that many top medical schools are studying the link between blood glucose and cancer. In a book called,  “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” by Dr Thomas Seyfriend,  the author recommends a “ketogenic diet” (which is extremely low carb and high fat and includes MCT oil and coconut oil).    Cancer cells seem to have 17x as many glucose receptors as normal cells and a PET scan uses this characteristic to monitor the cancer’s progress by injecting “marked” glucose into the body to see where the glucose congregates – that is the tumor.

I started a ketogenic diet and my cancer markers went down and my kidney numbers improved and I was able to cut back from taking Revlamid every other day, to just one day a week and then I was able to completely quit taking Revlamid in the summer of 2015!

I have had a blood test and oncology appointment every 6 weeks for the last 5 years. In July 2017, my cancer markers were down in the normal range again!  My oncologist said, “you are my 2nd most stable Myeloma patient, lets stretch out the time between visits.” 🙂 Praise the Lord!

I am  willing to go back on prescription Myeloma drugs when I need to, but they result in “Multi drug resistance”  which means the body becomes resistant to that drug – so they only work for a while and have side effects.  I also feel complete peace that Jesus has a plan for my life and He knows how long it will be on this earth.  And, I will live with Him for eternity in heaven :-).  (But arriving at this place of peace was a journey, too – you can read it in a tab called, “My story”)

So, this is what I do:  (I added these as I discovered them – see dates)

  • 3/24/2014 – started a very low carbohydrate diet – I have about 15-20 net carbs per day, 2 oz protein per meal and 3 T coconut oil or MCT oil per day starting April 2014. This is the cornerstone of everything because cancer cells need glucose and glutamine (from meat) as fuel.
  • July 2015 I learned I should reduce  MSG – Monosodium Glutamate in all it’s forms – this is to reduce the amount of glutamine one of the 2 primary fuels of cancer.
  • July 2015 -Added  Curcumin (Iron scavenger)- roughly 4-6 g per day with an omega 3.  I take all at one time
  • 2015 -I quit all artificial sweeteners except Stevia and Monk Fruit
  • Sept 2015- Started to have a green smoothie (see tabs for “breakfast recipes” & “cancer hates cabbage”) most days .  This is to get more leafy greens and build my mitochondria.  Healthy mitochondria can suppress new turmors.
  • March 2016 started taking Sea Cucumber (more information in supplements) to build immune system and as a natural cancer fighter
  • 12/3/2015 Added Wobenzyme (see in supplements)  These are enzymes used in Germany for Multiple Myeloma
  • Christmas 2016 Added AHCC (see in supplements)
  • Added EGCG – the active ingredient in green tea. Do not take if pregnant because it seems to work by blocking folic acid. (Folate stimulates MM) I take on empty stomach at about 7:30 a.m. with coconut oil.
  • March 3, 2017, Rice bran Arabinoxylan) and Beta Glucan.
  • April 2017 I got an Ouraring that tells how many steps you take and also gives feedback on sleep.


April 3, 2017.  I can’t believe it has been so long since I have updated this page! I have updated other parts of this blog during the last year, but had updated this page.  The biggest discoveries of the year are:

  1.  Intermittent fasting lowers insulin level and it really isn’t hard to for me to skip breakfast on weekdays.  I make a smoothie in morning and take it with me to work, put it in the freezer and have around 11:30 a.m.
  2.  Mushroom extracts boost my immune system – since I still have a blood test every 6 week, I can verify that my White Blood Cell count, though never quite up to normal, is higher.  I don’t get sick as often and I get over colds etc more quickly. Maitake drops in my smoothie, AHCC, MGN-3 (PeakImmune4),Beta Glucan – are all mushroom extracts I take daily now. The are supposed to fight cancer because they stimulate the body’s NK (Natural Kille) cells.

My supplements  6/25/17

  • 6:00wake up – take 6 wobenzyme
  • 7:30an hour or so later  EGCG + coconut oil
  • 9:00 an hour or so later 500mg AHCC + 1g Beta 1,3D Glucan & 1 g rice bran Arabinoxylan (Peak Immune or MGN-3)
  • smoothie with lots of vegetables, omega 3 oil, flax seed etc.
  • with lunch I take 4 g curcumin, lutein, probiotic, desiccated liver capsule, vit K and kelp or sea vegetable
  • with dinner I take Mag 64, selenium 100 mg magnesium glycinate,

April 21, 2016 added page called, “cancer hates cabbage” going over some foods to add to your daily diet

March 22, 2016. I was no longer in remission at my last blood test, so I have decided to add Sea Cucumber to my protocol and see if that will push the MM numbers back down.

Jan 15, 2016  Some simple habits that make this livable (I do think Jesus has guided me and has helped me to follow thee) –
1. Every morning I have 6 g Curcumin & a little coconut oil when I first wake up – I have a glass of water, spoon and coconut oil in my bathroom.  So, that is a simple habit.

2. I make a smoothie for breakfast – I have 3 plastic “shoe boxes” I pull out when I make my smoothie_ a box in fridge, one in freezer and one in cabinet.

  • From plastic box in Fridge I use 1/3 cup full fat coconut milk and cucumber, watercress, slice lemon, bok choy, leafy greens, raw cabbage etc
  • From clear plastic box in freezer: frozen chopped spinach, kale, collard, chard, pomegranate seeds, black berries, Acai berries, Brussesls Sprouts, frozen broccoli. I can buy these at Walmart or Natural Grocer (I now add one frozen container of sea cucumber to my smoothie every morning)
  • From my box in cabinet: matcha green tea pwdr, stevia leaves, psyllium husk, raw cocao nibs, black cumin seed, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, chopped walnuts etc. I have to grind the cocao nibs and flax seed and sometimes I grind the black cumin seeds ( so I keep small coffee grinder in this box for the flax seed and raw cocao nibs.
  • After I blend my smoothie, I pour it in a disposable 12-16 oz cup and add some raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts or chopped walnuts to the smoothie for crunch.
  • I generally head to work with my smoothie and just throw away my cup- I take my supplements and probiotics (all from pill organizer)

3. I get to work and enjoy my coffee (or Japanese green tea) with coconut oil, stevia and little cream every day, and also enjoy my lemonade with mct oil most afternoons and have a T of coconut oil after dinner- or one of my great “fat bombs” (made of 3/4 c melted coconut oil, 8 oz cream cheese, stevia & few frozen berries)

4. I also have my other container of sea cucumber right before dinner.  It is about the size of a creamer container at a restaurant and I take a spoon, spoon out half and swallow it with water like a pill, then do the same with the rest.

Once those are habits, they do not even seem hard or burdensome.

Then, I make my wonderful recipes- that I have added to this blog.


First Baby steps of ketogenic diet- (By the Inch is a cinch, but it is hard by the yard)

In chronological order of discovery – not in order of importance.

  1. 3/24/14 I asked oncologist if cutting out sugar would help me keep my cancer down. My Oncologist said, “It is not just the sugar you eat, it is your blood glucose that you need to keep low and steady.” He suggested I find a good diabetic diet and try to keep my blood glucose low and steady.
  2. March 2014 – . The first books I read were: 1. Diabetes Diet by Dr Bernstein.   2. Dr. Bernsteins Diabetic Solution – Excellent index and very helpful list of medications that impact blood glucose.  It is still one of my favorite reference books.  I tried to follow his advice – 6 g carbs in morning, 12 g carbs at noon 12 g carbs at night  At this time I was taking a couple of probiotics – I rotate them and I always take a probiotic called Saccharomyces Boulardii within an hour of taking an antibiotic. I wholeheartedly committed to the diet as a lifelong change- much like quitting smoking and in the years since, with the Lord’s help, I have never gone back.  I cleaned out my recipe file – this is my new life style.  The first month was hard – I would come home and flop down exhausted after work.  I did Internet searches  to boost my resolve. I looked up “cancer & blood sugar” and found many studies which I have linked on the page Dr Bernstein’s book and read the example of he and others with diabetes who went radically low carb, measured their blood glucose and lived a healthy long life.  I got a glucose meter to test my own blood and see what caused my blood glucose to spike.  That was very motivating because it gave me real feedback.  I could see what caused my blood glucose to get bumped up.  For example,  sugar free candy would cause my blood glucose to rise – sometimes the next day.
  3. 4/28/14     25.4mg/L   I was encouraged that my cancer markers came down and surprised that kidneys improved. Started taking blood glucose readings and being amore careful. – Creatinine 1.463557 (significant improvement).
  4. The neuropathy in my feet went away.  I read the new Atkins diet book nd the authors suggested increasing the amount of sodium- I felt much better when I increased my sodium intake. Also, do not crave carbs any more.  In fact, I hardly ever feel hunger unless my calories are way down.
  5. May 2014  (I like to read).  I read:
    1. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance Interesting studies on how ketogenic diet impacts athletes.  Especially long distance or endurance athletes can tap into fat stores rather than trying to keep going on blood glucose.
    2. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Jeff Volek PhD, RD and Stephen D Phinney MD, PhD
    3. New Atkins Book  I had been doing low carb 6 weeks and realized I needed more vegetables and more salt. So, I started eating more salt and felt much better. (note, that I cannot eat any Atkins products – the frozen dinners, the bars etc all make my blood glucose spike)
  6. Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer – Dr Seyfried  was Heavy reading – Written to fellow PhD’s  presenting evidence that cancer is not genetic but metabolic. (can take nucleus out of cancer cell and put in normal cell and it does not make new cell cancerous).  He has detailed research going back to the 20’s and 30’s showing that all cancer cells have defective mitochondria – which should make them quite vulnerable to stress. The goal is to starve cancer cells by avoiding carbs. Healthy cells can use ketones, cancer cannot – so  the goal is to be in constant ketosis – a ketogenic diet.I got a ketone meter and started taking ketone readings at night – they were .3,-.7 after over a month attempting to eat low carb. When my glucose was up, my ketones were down
  7. 6/20/14   Blood tests the best they had been in YEARS!  My nephrologist put me on Vit D. Read about coconut oil to raise ketones. Started cooking with coconut oil and adding it to my coffee 
  8. July 21/14  kappa free light chains were14.87 mg/L NORMAL !!  Creatinine =1.48470 Aug 18/14 kappa free light chains were  12.23 mg/L NORMAL !!! Creatinine 1.403098
  9. September  24 2014 kappa free light chains: 16.21 mg/L NORMAL  I didn’t eat carbs, but ate vegetables, cheese, eggs, protein in whatever quantity I wanted.  Note that my cancer might have adapted to my lower carb and found a way to get around it.  I have had to work harder to have the same results I had at first.
  10. November 11 2014 kappa free light chains up to 23mg/L (above normal) I have had 3 sets of childhood immunizations after my bone marrow transplant and wonder if they lowered my cancer markers, too.  You can see my numbers started to improve even before I started the ketogenic diet.  I had DPT, Hep B, HiB and Pneumococcal vaccines on 11/14/13, 3/10/14 and 11/18/14 Since my cancer markers had gone up above normal again,  I had to reevaluate- I read – Ketogenic dietsTreatments for Epilepsy and Other disorders ( Dr’s: Kossoff, Freeman, Turner, Rubenstein)- written by 4 doctors from Johns Hopkins for parents of epileptic children who are planning to do ketogenic diet.  What I learned: These guys are serious about avoiding all sources of glucose and maintaining ketosis!  They even have a helpful list of toothpastes and other products that are low carb!  Who knew that suntan lotion could impact your blood glucose?!  About 50% of their patients are seizure free with ketogenic diet and 35% have a significant reduction in number of seizures but 15% have little or no improvement.  It is also very difficult and takes a lot of commitment.  Ketogenic diet mimics fasting. Some ketones give breath a sweetish smell.  Ketones protect healthy cells while glucose is low.
  11. I found a friend who also has Multiple Myeloma and is a professor at a University in Texas. She is willing and excited to do this with me – the encouragement, sharing links to research and recipes is a HUGE blessing.
  12. December 3 2014 kappa free light chains back down to 20 mg/L-  I read:– Tripping over the truth. Travis Christofferson (copywrite 2014)  This reads like a series of short stories about the history of research for a cure for cancer.  Warburg (a friend and roommate of Einstein) hypothesized that cancer was metabolic disease but did not have the high powered microscope to prove his theory –  the scientific community rejected his theory for decades.  Another research scientist named Pedersen spent 3 decades building on Warburg’s ideas, but all attention was on new chemotherapies so he was out of the limelight. Pedersen and his assistant Ko were able to use high powered microscopes and see that cancer cells had few mitochondria and the mitochondria were damaged. They discovered hexokinase II which enabled PET scanning of cancer cells (A PET scan detects cancer cells bloated with glucose). Ko discovered that 3BP (3-bromopyruvate) was a powerful anticancer substance – but it has still not been approved for treatment.   Dr Seyfried called Pedersens work “a masterpiece” .  Seyfried discovered that calorie restriction impairs cancer – and found that ketosis mimics fasting.  The ketone bodies could be used for fuel in healthy mitochondria but ketones killed or slowed the growth of cancer cells.  He found that combining traditional cancer therapy with a ketogenic diet was very powerful
  13. Feb 2 kappa free light chains up to 24 mg/L (slightly above normal) but my ratio of kappas to lambda’s was still around 1 – It was harder to keep my glucose down even with a very strict low carb diet.  I started taking some vitamins but felt uncertain what to take.  I bought various vitamins to see what would help
  14. March 23 2015 kappa free light chains still at 24.5 – slightly above normal.  The big improvement was my kidney function.  Creatinine was 1.18 for first time since before spring 2010!!! After March 23 2015 vitamins I am trying a.m.                                                       p.m.
    • 1 Garden of Life multi            1 garden of life Multivitamin
    • 2 cranberry pills                   2 cranberry pills
    •  1 calcium + D                              1 calcium +D
    • 1 sodium bicarb                          1 selenium every other day
    • resveratrol                                    1 vitamin C
    • Acyclovir (prescription)        1 Mag 64 (prescription)
    • Omega 3 with Vit D                    Curcumin 500 mg.

    Didn’t sleep well for 5 days on this – found out that if you take Vitamin D at night it can keep you awake!   I decided to go back to what I was doing in summer 2014 – no Revlamid.  Also several of my blood tests were worse since I added iron (Dr. prescribed at end of Jan). Quit iron March 23, 2015.  I moved Omega 3 which had D to- morning I re read my ketogenic diet and realized some of the supplements had carbs in them. (Note, see supplements page to see what I take now)

  15. May 2015 I bought Breaking the Vicious Cycle – much of what the author suggests, I already do.   She didn’t think coffee was good & I quit coffee.  This book pointed out how you should watch out for mixed nuts or smoked almonds – they have carbs.  She preferred fresh tomatoes and no canned products.  She said to avoid all milk products except home made yogurt.  When yogurt ferments at least 24 hours, it is supposed to eat up all the lactose and be a great probiotic – but every attempt at yogurt resulted in too high glucose for me.  Also she recommended sauerkraut and fermented vegetables. This book recommended baking soda not baking powder, no cornstarch.  I have implemented those but I need to keep my focus on low glucose and high ketones, since that is the foundation.
  16. I quit Revlamid after reading the following articles.  I was down to just 5 mg per week before reading these, but I also developed Macular Degeneration, which is a side effect of Revlamid . Life is in the Lord’s hands.
    Revlimid After Stem Cell Transplantation Delays Progression of Myeloma, but Does Not Improve Overall Survival
  17. June 2015 I read Wahls Protocol.  Dr Terry Wahls has Multiple Sclerosis and was confined to a wheel chair – through electric stimulation of muscles and a ketogenic diet, and carefully eating nutritious food, her health  improved to the point she can walk again!  She continues to do studies on this and is now doing clinical trials to try to duplicate her results.  Terry Wahl recommends and eats a LOT of vegetables and organ meat.   She also recommends 3-4 T coconut oil per day.
    • 2 c greens per day,
    • 2 c colored vegetables per day,
    • 2 c sulfur containing vegetables per day.

    1 take 1 500 mg curcumin C3 with bioperine per day this month.

  18. July 23, 2015.  My kappas were up a bit – 24.8 and ratio was also up to 1.35- right on upper edge or “normal” for the ratio I had quit taking Revlamid for the last 6 weeks.  I must be getting more glucose intolerant – my blood glucose bounces up over every little thing.
  19.  July 2015 Learning about Curcumin from “Healing Spices” by Dr Arggawan from MD Anderson. Increased Curcumin to 6 g per day. I will increase Curcumin to 6 g per day & green tea to fight angiogenesis.
  20. 9/4/15.  I noticed something significant.  I was just listening to Dr Thomas Seyfreid speak and he says that there are 2 fuels for cancer cells:  Glucose (I have spent nearly all my attention on this) AND Glutamine – which is an amino acid in protein – so I just thought I need to minimize protein.  I have spent most of the last 16 months focused on controlling blood glucose – but I did some searches of glutamine and found that it converts to glutamate.  As in MSG Monosodium glutamate!  I will start another “page” devoted to this.
  21. 9/11/15 I went through my kitchen and threw away a lot of food and supplements with “unbound” glutamate.  Got rid of my whey protein powder, nutritional yeast, low sodium ” salt” package mixes of hidden valley dressing and gravy and a lot of canned foods. Probably threw away 1/4 of everything in my kitchen!Cut out most of supplementsDiscovering MSG/ glutamate connection for cancer (children with autism can sometimes control the autism by avoiding free glutamate).  Glutamine is the source of Nitrogen for cancer cells.  Cancer cells use 10x as much glutamate as normal cells.
  22. Wed Sep 16, 2015 My Kappas were down almost to normal! Thank You, Lord, they were the lowest they had been since last December!  Normal is up to 19.4 and mine were 21.1.I said I would like to take a holiday from taking any prescription chemo – and Dr. looked up and smiled and said, “well, you already are on a holiday from it aren’t you?” I have only had two pills 5 mg Revlimid since June.I showed him my info about MSG and other sources of “free glutamate” and he said he might have to cut those out too – said he often has insomnia.At the end he scheduled me for 3 months out because I am so stable. Then he smiled and said, “you are a fanatic” and I laughed and said, “yes, but it is working.” And he said, “yes, keep doing what you are doing.”
  23. What I have done differently in the last 2 months.
    1. I continue the ketogenic diet – take blood ketone and blood glucose readings every night
    2. I took 6 g Curcumin per day with 1500mg Omega 3 fish oil to help absorption (I think this is really important)
    3. I took about 1 tsp cumin seed oil per day
    4. I am careful to take 3 T of coconut oil or MCT oil every day
    5. had 1/2 tsp horseradish per day (not sure if that is anything significant)
    6. I had green tea powder more often. I do not really like green tea so I got it powdered and put 1/2-1 tsp of it in smoothie

What I will work on this next 3 months:

All of the above and also
1. no artificial sweeteners except small amount of stevia
2. vegetable smoothie most days for breakfast.
3. Avoid MSG and all “free glutamates” that I possibly can
4. Minimize cheeses and Dairy. My actual chart of what to do daily is below

6 g Curcumin
1500 mg Omega 3
Read Bible or devotional
SMOOTHIE: 1/3 cup coconut milk, tub of Sea Cucumber
a little of about 10 vegetables
chia or flax seed, matcha green tea
avocado, psyllium, flax, cocao nibs
black cumin seed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, ch walnuts, almonds
2 Aged Garlic extract
Vit D 1000 IU
Viteyes (for Mac Degeneration)
Sodium Bicarb pill
Acyclovir (antiviral)
Co Q 10 – 100 mg
Sea vegetables & probiotic
2 organ capsules
 coffee w coconut oil
I usually eat some of previous dinner
homemade chocolates etc
1/2 tsp horseradish (prevents UTI)
sauerkraut, pickles
before I eat dinner, have 1 more Sea Cucumber
 see recipes, after dinner, 1 T coconut oil
2 Aged Garlic extr
write down blood ketones
write down blood glucose

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