3b 10 steps to prevent cancer & prolong remission


  1. no smoking
  2. ketogenic diet & stay lean – BMI of 21-23
  3. limit  beef to less than 16 oz per week and limit processed meats even more
  4. eat LOTS of vegetables-with lots of variety
  5. exercise – walk & do some strengthening (I added whole body vibration plate to build bone mineral density)
  6. limit alcohol to 2 glasses wine for men and 1 for women – Pinot Noir is best.  Can have pure gin or vodka etc with club soda, but I rarely drink alcohol.
  7. Limit processed foods and avoid MSG in all forms
  8. avoid excessive sun to avoid skin cancer- but we can get the Vit D we need from sun 10-15 minutes several times a week and/or 1 tsp fermented Cod Liver oil
  9. Supplements do not replace good nutrition – foods are far superior to supplements
  10. fast intermittently -fast one day a week, or skip breakfast often- it lowers your insulin and strengthens your mitochondria