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Ketogenic Recipes that I have made and like.

July 23, 2015 (Thurs)

breakfast smoothie:  1/3 can whole coconut milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 T chia seeds, 1 T nutritional yeast, 1/4 c raw walnuts, little water & 10 frozen blueberries, 1/2 c arugula salad.

green tea with coconut oil & very small amt of stevia

lunch- Arbys turkey salad with Ranch dressing.

hot cocoa with just water, unsweetened cocoa, coconut oil, cream & very small amount of stevia

dinner – crab, butter, salad.

July 22, 2015

I will try to write this log for the next 60 days.  It gets time consuming but it keeps me careful and diligent.  I had my doctors appointment and the PA called it “stable” but I saw things that had improved and things that had gotten a bit worse. My kappa/lambda ratio is up slightly.  I am not taking any more Revlamid because of 2 things.  I have seen some studies showing it does not prolong overall survival and also I have only had my WBC in the normal range 1 time in 2 1/2 months and Absolute Neutraphil has only been over 2000 one time in 2 1/2 years.  Also my MCH and MCV show that my blood cells are not normal shape or color.  In this next 8 weeks (roughly 60 days) I plan to change a couple of things.

  1. 8 g Curcumin per day.  That is 6g from Doctor’s Best with Bioperine and 2 g from Doctors Purest without Bioperine.
  2. 500 cal per day from coconut oil and or full fat canned coconut milk
  3. horseradish each day (supposed to help UTI’s and I had 6 or 7 last year)
  4. 1 1/2 c salad of dark leafy vegetables
  5. focus on other vegetables
  6. meat kept down to about 4-5 oz per day
  7. have sauerkraut and continue probiotics

exercises:  10 situps, pushups, deadlifts, squats

breakfast: smoothie- with 1/3 can whole fat coconut milk, about 10 frozen blueberries, 1/4 c raw walnuts,

green tea with coconut oil – 1/2 as much stevia as usual

lunch – Burger king salad with some of chicken taken out.  I made a salad dressing from horseradish, mayo & vinegar

afternoon – green tea with coconut oil – no sweetener

few almonds.

dinner – 4 oz steak & salad with homemade horseradish salad dressing

1/2 oz pecans

ketones were only 1.3 – the only thing I can think is that I took a Methyl B 12 chewable and it had xylitol in it!  Glucose was 103 which was surprisingly high and really the only thing I can think was the pecans or the methyB12.

June 14, Sunday

Breakfast: 2 low sodium bacon, 1 egg, decaff coffee with cream & Da Vinci

lunch: church pot luck/BBQ:  3.5 oz brat, cauliflower “Potato” salad,

afternoon: 1 oz almonds, 6 macadamia nuts, lemonade with liquid coconut oil & lemon & sugar swin (liquid)

dinner: 2oz lobster, butter, broccoli in sauce of cream cheese, cream & parmesan, big salad with Caesar dressing

Macros:  fat 127, protein 50, carb 27, fiber 11

June 13, Saturday

breakfast: 2 slices low sodium bacon, 3 T cream in decaf coffee, 1 egg

lunch – 2 Johnsonville beddar with cheddar sausages, pistachios, mustard

afternoon – 2 T heavy cream, little bit of almond flour”shortbread”

dinner – 2 parmesan chicken wings, cauliflower “potato salad”,

after dinner 1 T cream

macros: fat 13, protein 61, carb 23.4, fiber 7

ketones 1.9, glucose 92

June 12 Friday

Friday June 12

breakfast: 1 T coconut butter, 2 eggs, zucchini, onion & sour cream

morning – tea with coconut oil

lunch- zucchini, onion, sour cream, salmon with butter

afternoon – pumpkin seeds, 2 oz macadamia nuts

dinner- Hibachi grill – roasted chicken thigh & lots of iceberg salad & spinach salad with their blue cheese dressing

after dinner – 1 oz almonds

macros  fat 143, protein 58, carb 40, fiber 14

ketones 2.4  glucose 91 (too many nuts)

June 11, Thursday

Thursday, June 11

FBG 82

Breakfast – 20g ketocal+ 10 g organic cacao pwdr

mid morning 20 g ketocal + 10 g organic cacao pwdr

lunch- romaine lettuce, spinach, blue cheese dressing, filet mignon

afternoon- 1 oz almonds

dinner- salmon with butter, salad &blue cheese dressing, cooked zucchini & onion & sour cream

after dinner- the almond meal “shortbread” with a topping of coconut oil & cacao pwder

macros  fat 123, protein 60, carb 31, fiber 19

ketones 2.5  glucose 85

June 10, Weds

Weds June 10

Breakfast: broccoli cheddar brundh

morning snack – tea with coconut oil

lunch- 2 oz rib eye, 1/2 avocado, 1 oz almonds, 3/4 c broccoli, butter

afternoon – coconut oil with cocoa powder in hot cocoa

dinner- 2 oz flank steak, green bell peppers & onions sliced and sautéed in olive oil, 1/2 oz almonds

after dinner – made “short bread” of almond meal, granulated sugar twin, lemon zest and butter

macros fat 137, protein 62, carb 39, fiber 20

ketones 4.1,  glucose 86

June 9 Tues

Tues June 9

Breakfast: 20 g ketocal, 1/2 T unsweetened cocoa pwdr, 6 pecans

morning: 20 g more ketocal, 1/2 T cocoa powder, coconut oil

lunch: tuna & egg salad with mayo & celery,

afternoon: 1 T cocoa pwdr, coconut oil, butter, cream, 35 pistachios

dinner: 2 oz rib eye, broccoli, iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing

macros 139, protein 49, carb 30, fiber 14

ketones 4.2,  glucose 68 (again, I was very high fat and had quite a bit of coconut oil and ketocal and I waited 2+ hours after meal before I took ketones)

June 8, Monday

Monday June 8

FBG 84

Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, cheddar cheese, green olives

morning – green tea with coconut oil

lunch – left over 2 oz corned beef, cabbage cooked in coconut oil, 14 g coconut shredded, 1/2 avocado

afternoon: 1/2 oz baking chocolate, 3 T heavy cream, 1 T coconut oil

dinner: 2 oz ground beef in meatballs (made with parmesan & egg), cream sauce over spaghetti squash with butter

snack; tea with 3 T heavy cream

macros: fat 135, protein 52, carb 32, fiber 13.

ketones 4.2, glucose 68 (actually sort of surprised it was so good- but I finished dinner at 6:30 and took reading at 9:45 so it was not so close to the time I ate.  I also ate 290 cal of coconut oil & 6 T cream