May 27th Weds- 1st day Co Q 10

Weds May 27th Pharmacist said there is no conflict between Relvamid and Co Q 10 so I am taking 100 mg every 3 days.

FBG  86

Breakfast – 1 egg, cooked in coconut oil with 2 Hormel little sizzlers, little cheddar grated on top

cocoa powder as hot cocoa, 1 oz almonds

lunch – 1/2 avocado, zucchini pie

afternoon macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds,

dinner – meat balls with cream sauce over spaghetti squash little butter

coconut oil in tea

macros: Fat 114, protein 45, carb 33, fiber 14

ketones 2.9, glucose 85

May 26th Tues (Dr Appt)

Tuesday May 26th

FBG 88

10 sit ups, push ups, deadlifts, squats

Breakfast – 1/4 can salmon, hard boiled eggs, mayo, celery

morning – 1 oz Almonds, with little olive oil & spices (toasted) homemade hot cocoa with coconut oil, pumpkin seeds

lunch – left over salmon salad, 1/3 avocado

afternoon 1 oz Almonds

dinner – chicken wings, cucumber

Macros  Fat 135, protein 43, carb 40, fiber 15

ketones 1.2  glucose 96  I need to eat less Almonds and less hot cocoa.

I had appointment with oncologist. My kappa free light chains remain the same (25.7mg/L- slightly above normal) and my ratio is 1.03. My kidneys are still showing much healing with Creatinine 1.22 and Creatinine clearance 46% and BUN 28. I started my conversation tactfully with:” Optum Rx Pharmacy called to arrange delivery of my Revlimid but I told them I wanted to talk to you first.” I went on to explain that I would like to take no Revlimid the next 8 weeks and just do my ketogenic diet and take Curcumin. We discussed it for 10-15 min. Here were his arguments – which were mostly focused against the Curcumin: He said, “I believe in capitalism and if the pharmaceutical companies found that these substances were really effective, they would add a hydrogen atom or purify it and patent it.”. He said many chemo drugs are natural substances that have been slightly modified. He went on to describe a neighbor who has an 8 yr old son with leukemia and how he and his wife were invited to dinner – really invited so they could be asked about a concoction of herbs. My doctor said that he went and looked the substances up and there were 10 studies – 8 were in test tubes and he threw those out. Of the remaining 2, one showed no effect and the other showed some problems with other organs. He said you need to look at clinical studies involving people, not test tube experiments.

I said that my diet has been very effective and I take a fasting blood glucose reading every morning and take a ketone and glucose reading every evening. I eat very low carb, fairly low protein, and fairly high fat. He wondered what my lipid profile looks like. I said my Nephrologist has me scheduled for full lipid profile at end of summer, but if I have to worry about either cancer or lipids, I am more concerned about cancer. He nodded.

I told him about Thomas Seyfried’s book and he must have been familiar with it because he mentioned brain cancer. He also said that Metformin is being used to lower blood glucose in cancer patients. His last argument was that when I start back on a drug, it will take a couple of months to see the effect. But he said I have been a good patient for 3 years, have been on Revlimid over 2 years and he agreed. So, I will continue to follow ketogenic diet and no chemo drugs next 8 weeks. update – after thinking about conversation with my oncologist, I decided to continue with low dose Revlamid as long as it is working.

So, my goal for the next 8 weeks is:

Work really hard to keep ketones above 3 and glucose below 90.  Added Coenzyme Q10 on 5/27/15.  I am taking 3 Curcumin with bioperine and 3 Curcumin without and 3 omega 3 capsules together first thing in morning.  I also got Centrum multivitamin & mineral +50 that I take.  All of this is the same, but I am also going to continue with my chemo pill.

May 25 Mon- Memorial day

Mon May 25th

FBG 79

Breakfast – 2 eggs, cooked with ham in coconut oil

hot cocoa made with unsweetened cocoa & coconut oil, cream, butter

lunch – 2 oz left over taco meat, guacamole

afternoon 1 oz Almonds

dinner –zucchini casserole,  Salad with blue cheese & Caesar dressing

after dinner – 1 oz macadamia nuts

macros: fat 125, protein 59, carb 27, fiber 15.5

ketones 4.0   glucose 83

May 24 Sunday

Sunday May 24th

Breakfast- 2 eggs, cooked with 1 oz ham in butter.

Homemade hot cocoa with coconut oil

lunch – 2 oz almonds, 1/2 c yogurt

afternoon – hot cocoa with cocoat, butter, water, 85 pumpkin seeds

dinner – taco salad:  2 oz cooked & spiced ground beef, 1 c ch iceberg lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, black olives

after dinner – 2 T coconut butter with unsweetened coconut

macros:  fat 120, protein 52.7,  carb 53.1, fiber 19

ketones – 1.6 (yogurt & cocoa, too many pumpkin seeds)  glucose 96

Friday May 22

Friday May 22

FBG 88

10 sit-ups, push ups.  With 25# barbell – 10 deadlifts & squats

Breakfast- coconut oil, 1 oz brie cheese, 1 Little Sizzler sausage, 2 eggs

morning – tea with coconut oil

lunch -1/2 artichoke dipped in butter, left over shrimp scampi

afternoon 1 oz almonds, 14 g coconut flakes

dinner -2.4 oz turkey thighs, 1 c iceberg lettuce w avocado & blue cheese salad dressing

after dinner – macadamia nuts

macros 136.5, protein 59, carb 31.4, fiber 19.4

ketones – 2.2, glucose 78

Thurs May 21st

Thursday May 21st

FBG 85

Breakfast- 2 oz left over broiled flank steak, butter, unsweetened cocoa powder

morning – my homemade hot cocoa, 1 oz macadamia nuts

lunch – 1 oz Almonds, 2 oz filet mignon on salad of mixed greens, Italian salad dressing, 1/2 avocado

afternoon 1/4 c  homemade yogurt

dinner – 5 large shrimp in shrimp scampi with cream cheese in the sauce.  Red cabbage sautéed in coconut oil

1 oz Almonds

Macros: fat 123, protein 58, carb 36, fiber 19.8

Ketones1.2 (yogurt and maybe too many nuts)  glucose 97

May 20 Weds

Weds May 20th

FBG 79 (hurray!)

10 sit-ups, push ups, following with barbell : 10 deadlifts, 10 squats

Breakfast- 2 eggs, 1 oz brie cheese, cooked in coconut oil with 5 green olives

morning – hot cocoa (2 T unsweetened cocoa pwdr, water, 1 T coconut oil, saccharin) & 50 pumpkin seeds

Lunch- went out & had romaine lettuce with 4 large grilled shrimp & Caesar dressing

afternoon – 1 oz macadamia nuts

dinner- 1/2 artichoke dipped in butter, 1.4 oz grilled flank steak, 1 c romaine lettuce & blue cheese salad dressing & Newman’s own Caesar dressing.  1/2 avocado

evening – 1/4 c homemade yogurt

macros:  fat 116, protein 52, carb 49, fiber 20.3

ketones 3.1  glucose 82

May 19th Blood draw

Tues May 19th

FBG 84

Breakfast – after blood draw, 1/2 Hardees low carb breakfast bowl. Tea with coconut oil & saccharin

morning snack – 1 oz Almonds

lunch 2 oz chicken in chicken a la king, cauliflower, white mushrooms

afternoon – hot chocolate with just unsweetened cocoa & coconut oil & saccharin

dinner- I made enchiladas and mine just didn’t have the corn tortilla. Ground beef + cream cheese + cream + green enchilada sauce + chopped green chilies with little cheese on top. Romaine salad with blue cheese & Caesar dressing.

Macros:  Fat 120, protein 54, carb 24, fiber 11

evening ketones 4.4!!!  Hurray.  Glucose 83

May 18 2500 mg Curcumin w Omega 3

Monday May 18th  5 (500 mg) Curcumin – 1/2 with bioperine, 1/2 without bioperine.  Took 2 omega 3’s with

FBG 83

Exercises – 10 sit ups, push ups, Barbell- deadlifts & squats

Breakfast- 1 egg, 1 oz brie cheese, olives, cooked in coconut oil.  1 Hormel little sizzler

morning – tea with coconut oil & saccharin

lunch – chicken salad with 2 oz chicken, mayo, celery. 1/2 avocado

afternoon – 85 pumpkin seeds, cocoa with melted butter & stevia

dinner – chicken a la king, romaine lettuce, blue cheese dressing, newmans own dressing,

after dinner – 12 macadamia nuts

macros: Fat 125, protein 57, carb 34, fiber 11

ketones 3.5 glucose 79.  Amazing how different tonight.  No yogurt, though